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Acupuncture is one branch of Chinese traditional medicine that has been developed and practiced in China, Japan and other Asian countries for at least 2000 years. It is has gained increasing popularity in the West over the last 2 decades which has led to more and more clinical trials being performed that have validated acupuncture's effectiveness. Read more

Chinese Herbal Medicine

Chinese herbal medicine is another branch of China's traditional medical system and like acupuncture it has been tried and tested on millions of people for at least 2000 years. When prescribing herbs for a patient typically 6 to 12 herbs are used that will treat that patient's problem and 'pattern of disharmony'. Read more

What to Expect

Your first session involves a full consultation to find out about your current problem as well as other aspects of your health. Details of your past medical history, medications, supplements and relevant test results will be useful at this point.  Read more