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"I decided to investigate having acupuncture in my second pregnancy to combat swollen ankles. I had never had acupuncture before so I was slightly nervous about it. I wanted to see a professional acupuncturist and I found Angelo's credentials through the British Acupuncture Council. His degree and experience reassured me that I was in good hands."

"I was amazed to find out that acupuncture treats far more ailments in pregnancy than I realised. I quizzed him on all the pressure points and found I learnt a great deal from the experience.

Angelo really cares and takes the time at each appointment to see how you are feeling and to discuss any niggles I had. He treated me for breathlessness, colds and other pregnancies ailments.

I booked in for the pre-birth treatment - money well spent. Angelo promised me that my labour would be quicker and easier, he was right on all counts !

I am a real convert to acupuncture and I have recommended his services to my pregnant friends.

I will be back again for treatment as I would like a third child. Acupuncture definitely worked for me.

Thank you."

Nicola, Dartford, Kent

"I was a real sceptic about acupuncture, but having gone through a failed IVF cycle I was willing to try anything for our FET cycle. I found Angelo via his website and was impressed by his professional and genuine caring approach on our initial meeting. Angelo was extremely thorough in gaining my medical history so he could tailor a program to maximise our chances of conceiving. And, 16 weeks later I am delighted (and still somewhat disbelieving) to find out that we are expecting. Every visit to Angelo was relaxing and informative for the stages of our FET cycle and early pregnancy. I cannot say whether the acupuncture is to credit for this pregnancy but I cannot rule it out. I am a sceptic no longer! I would recommend acupuncture with Angelo to anyone going through IVF or early pregnancy. I will miss my sessions in my second trimester but will no doubt be heading back to Angelo near the end of this pregnancy for labour preparation!"
Sarah, Sidcup

"At 38 years old and after two years of unexplained infertility including a failed IVF cycle, one miscarriage and endometriosis, Angelo provided a course of herbs and weekly acupuncture. I felt improvements with my health and wellbeing and I conceived naturally within one month; acupuncture relieved my stress and once I conceived I continued to receive treatments until 12 weeks pregnant.

I would highly recommend Angelo for his fertility expertise and calm nature; he looks at the whole picture including your emotional state, sleeping pattern and medical history and guides you through BBT charting. I am now 16 weeks pregnant and looking forward to my 2nd trimester scan."

P, Mottingham

"I visited Angelo after having trouble conceiving. At the end of a month's treatment I was pregnant. What I appreciated was not just the acupuncture, but also the advice he gave on diet, body temperature and my cycle and undoubtedly, it was the holistic nature of the treatment which helped me get pregnant."
Ali, Chislehurst

"I decided to try acupuncture in order to help me conceive as I have PCOS. Angelo was very knowledgeable and gave me a lot more information and advice than some of my doctors! I had weekly session for three months, and noticed an improvement in my cycle and symptoms within the first month. The sessions were very relaxing and were also a nice excuse to lie down and listen to music in my lunch break! Happily to say at the end of three months I was pregnant! I am sure the acupuncture was the reason, and I will definitely return to Angelo in the future should the need arise."
Claire, London

"After a failed IVF cycle we decided to try acupuncture on the next cycle, hoping to improve our odds. At the first consultation it was clear that Angelo's knowledge of fertility issues was very impressive and this reassured both me and my husband (who also had some acupuncture to improve the quality of his sperm). Throughout my sessions it was always reassuring to talk to Angelo. The acupuncture itself was always very relaxing. I started having weekly acupuncture a month before down-reg injections started and the IVF cycle was successful. I continued acupuncture until week 12 and now I've had my latest scan all seems well."
YM, Herts

"Hello! My name is S and I am 43 years old and 22 weeks pregnant with my first child. I first started seeing Angelo for acupuncture after my fourth loss; we had 3 miscarriages and one Edwards Syndrome baby boy who we lost at 4 months. My partner and I had visited many clinics and explored many treatment options, despite getting pregnant naturally and easily, everything from expensive DHEA medication from the US to IUI procedures which just left me with ovarian polyps! I also have a large intramural uterine fibroid which made monthly cycles very heavy and painful and left me anaemic and drained. At first meeting Angelo we had not been pregnant for a year and the medical profession were telling me egg donation was my only hope with a low AMH and another birthday looming it was not looking good, my spirits were also very low in general."

"To begin with I limited my sessions with Angelo to roughly twice a month as time and money was tight, within 2-3 treatments I noticed a change in the monthly flow, it was slightly more manageable and I was taking less pain killers, I also felt brighter and more on top of things. Angelo advised Chinese herbs to further reduce clotting and improve fertility. They don’t taste that bad and after a couple of weeks and another period things were even better all round. At all my visits Angelo asked me if I noticed an increase in cervical mucus, which I did not, this it seems is the holy grail to those trying to conceive! Sadly for a short while I stopped treatment with Angelo having decided my chances of having a child were so low and I must get on with life without a child.

After a couple of months I noticed my periods had worsened and the clotting and pain had returned, I also had terrible back pain. I found myself back in Angelo’s treatment room and delighted to be back, once again he worked on all ailments, I was back pain free almost the next day (sciatic type issue which has plagued me for life on occasion) and back on the herbs and this time regular weekly treatments. I strongly believe these regular treatments, in combination with the herbs, really made the difference, within a short time I was able to reply ‘yes’ to the cervical mucus question that had so frustrated me in the past and without really stressing about it fell pregnant naturally again. This time has felt so different in that I knew my ovarian/uterine area was healthy and functioning, also I ovulated later, day 12/13 as opposed to day 9/10 as in the past. With a fully mature egg and a healthy pelvic zone not to mention all round rude health this egg appears to be doing fine despite my age, I will be almost 44 when the baby is due and the 12 week scan showed a healthy baby to quote the sonographer ‘...your odds of a baby with abnormalities are the same as that of a 32 year old woman’and the baby is big, nice and big!

I know it is easy to attribute a miracle to one thing and I know first hand the trials and agonies of chasing the dream of a baby, hoofing from one ‘maybe this will work’ option to another but I really do know that the regular session with Angelo made it happen; our problem was egg quality and timing, every clinic we went to advised acupuncture saying ‘we don’t know why it works but it does seem to help’, I am utterly convinced that A/the acupuncturist makes a difference, (I saw someone else before who did not have the same impact on my health) B/regular sessions rather than erratic and C/prescribed herbs as part of treatment. Luckily I am unafraid of needles but Angelo has never hurt me, I have never felt like a pin cushion, he is always happy to explain what he is doing and he is always so very calm; maybe because part of his training was in China he seems to take everything into account and retune me, rebalance everything, he has an air of knowing exactly what he is doing and why. I will continue with treatment with Angelo to aid labour later in the pregnancy and I will return to this wonderful practitioner for all family health issues before seeing my GP; who knows we may even try and have another child and maybe name it Angelo or Albert."

S, London

"It worked! My contractions began 6 hours later and my baby arrived within 12 hours of the treatment. Amazing, thank you so much!"
R, East Dulwich

"Angelo provided a professional service and made me feel at ease and comfortable. His skills as an acupuncturist were obvious and as each treatment passed I felt better and better. Highly recommended!"
Jess, London

"I decided to try acupuncture when my husband and I decided we would like to start a family. I had read that accupuncture can assist conception and the first month I went to Angelo I was pregnant! I carried on having weekly sessions for the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy to help with morning sickness. Angelo has a very kind and professional manner and I found my treatments both helpful and very relaxing."

"I went back for further treatments at the end of my pregnancy to help prepare my body for labour and I went on to have a very quick and straightforward delivery.

I would not hesitate in recommending Angelo. My daughter is now six months old and I will definitely be returning when we are brave enough to think about baby number two!"

Laura, Bromley

"I went to see Angelo to help me conceive during IVF fertility treatment and it worked so I really recommend it. I had had an unsuccessful attempt where I was given a 5% chance of it working due to poor egg quality and endometriosis (I produced only a few eggs from only one side of the ovaries and none fertilised so I never even got as far as implantation). I had acupuncture for a few months on a weekly basis prior to starting the 2nd cycle and took chinese herbs in tablet form- lots of them! To my mind this was the reason that I produced double the amount of eggs than in the previous cycle and from both ovaries. I had acupuncture just before and after implantation which definitely helped. Two eggs fertilised and were placed back, one implanted, producing a beautiful baby boy. I also had weekly acupuncture in the early stages of the pregnancy to help it along and in the last stages to ensure a good labour, which I had."
Anna, London

"I had been trying to conceive for 5.5 years, with a diagnosis of ‘unexplained infertility’. After multiple IVF failures and seeing other general acupuncturists, I was recommended to Angelo who specialises in infertility. It was so nice to talk to an acupuncturist who fully understood the IVF process, procedures and drugs involved. I started the acupuncture just before my IVF cycle started & found Angelo professional, friendly and very personable. I found the acupuncture very helpful & relaxing, always feeling that he worked on the right points at the different stages of the process. This round of IVF was successful and I am now 13 weeks pregnant. I am so grateful to Angelo for his ongoing support and have found the acupuncture in pregnancy very helpful too."
Donna, Bexleyheath

"After one failed attempt at IVF a friend recommended Angelo to me although I must admit I was, initially, rather sceptical about the whole Acupuncture theory. However, after an initial consultation with Angelo who I found to be a calm, approachable and understanding person, I thought what have I got to lose?"

"We started fortnightly sessions initially with additional sessions around the time of egg retrieval and embryo transfer. The sessions were relatively painless and gave me a chance to relax and if I wanted, discuss how I was feeling about the whole process.

In comparison to our first IVF cycle I found that I was much calmer throughout the whole process with no panic attacks and the quality of our eggs was much improved to the extent that we had a number of embryos frozen in addition to having two put back.

We now have a beautiful little girl and I can’t thank Angelo enough for his help and support throughout and will definitely return as and when we decide to increase our family."

Julie, Bexley

"After 25 months of trying to conceive I decided to try acupuncture having never tried it before. Angelo was recommended to me by a colleague. I fell pregnant straight away and continued weekly sessions for 12 weeks. I found Angelo to be extremely knowledgeable in the female reproductive system and he had some informative tips to share which was helpful. I would highly recommend Angelo."
Anonymous, London

"After a year of trying to conceive, at 38, I went to see Angelo in the hope of conceiving naturally and avoiding IVF. I had weekly sessions for two months before I conceived. Angelo uses a combination of acupuncture, Chinese herbs (which do taste awful) and charting, as well as providing real expertise - and it works. Not only that, but it has been years since I felt as well, healthy and energetic as I did while undergoing acupuncture. I could feel my body and cycle change and improve with treatment. I also saw Angelo through my first trimester which helped with nausea. In addition to being extremely well informed, he's also exceptionally pleasant. "
R, London

"After 4 failed cycles of IVF, I started to see Angelo for acupuncture and Chinese herb treatment. I had it for about 2 months and successfully got pregnant from first IUI. It was amazing to learn that I was pregnant, and I'm currently in my 13th week. Angelo has great knowledge of fertility treatment and it was great that I could rely on his advice. I would totally recommend him to anyone who is suffering infertility and would like to try traditional Chinese medication. Thanks for your great support Angelo!"
KT, London

"I saw you a couple of weeks ago with my overdue pregnancy. Just thought I would let you know that I went into labour the day before my sweep was booked for. My labour was a lot quicker than the first, and I feel a LOT better now than I did after my first! Everyone said how well rested I looked after your treatment, and more energised, and I certainly felt a lot more energised too - so thank you."
Alice, Bexleyheath

"I came to see Angelo after a series of miscarriages which were very distressing. I had just found out I was pregnant again and was very apprehensive. Angelo has a very sensitive approach to put you at ease and knows so much re fertility and miscarriages so I really felt confident about his expertise. I had regular sessions for the first 12 weeks and maintenance ones after and am convinced the acupuncture helped me have my little baby boy. I would highly recommend him."
KR, Forest Hill

"I decided to have acupuncture as a last resort when I was 9 days overdue with my first pregnancy. I found Angelo extremely knowledgeable and he put me at ease. The treatment was quick and painless and the induction he performed worked. I went into labour about six hours later and my midwife was quite amazed as she had examined me the previous day and was sure I would have to go to hospital to be induced."

"I had decided early on that in my second pregnancy I would have regular acupuncture in my last 5/6 weeks of pregnancy to hopefully result in a smoother labour and for me to go into labour naturally. My waters had to be broken but the labour had started naturally and it was much quicker than my first.

I found acupuncture really helped my pregnancy and labour and would definitely recommend it to friends."

Lucy, Chislehurst

"After trying to conceive for 2 years and finding out I had endometriosis I decided I needed some help but didn't want to go straight to IVF. My doctor prescribed me a course of clomid but I wanted to give myself the best chance so I decided to give acupuncture a try . I was recommended to Angelo by a friend. Angelo listened very carefully to my whole journey and completely understood what I was going through. He also knew a lot about endometriosis. After visiting Angelo once a week for one month I was amazed to find out I became pregnant! I have just had my first scan and everything is going really well. Im absolutely over the moon. I would highly recommend him to anyone trying to conceive."
S, Welling

"Angelo patiently went through 4 rounds of IVF with me, always finding a way to make sure I was treated at the right times in the cycles and that I was able to work treatments around difficult procedures even if it meant fitting me in early Saturday morning before transfers and then waiting for us to finish and get back to him for post-transfer sessions. His manner was a great comfort through difficult times and the fact that he never gave up hope or faith in the process was a great encouragement to me. I think he's wonderful and was thrilled to be able to tell him it all worked this time. We are expecting a little baby girl next month. Thank you, Angelo."
Sarah, Bromley

"Hello, my name is Nicola and it was at my 34 week pregnancy check with my midwife that I found out that my baby was breech. I was quite relaxed about the pregnancy and birth up until that point, particuarly as I have a two yr old son already, but I have to say that learning this made me very anxious and it seemed as though I had only two options to consider should the baby not turn in the designated two weeks. My midwife friend suggested something called moxibustion- an alternative therapist who is trained in this (usually an acupunturist) would use moxa sticks- a type of herb- on acupuncture points on my little toes to encourage baby to turn. It all sounded rather bizarre but presented with the other option decided to give it a whirl."

"Angelo was very nice and put me at ease during the procedure and it was very comfortable. During my visits my baby would really move around and seemed to respond! I had two sessions with Angelo which lasted about thirty minutes and used the sticks at home for just over a week (this is much easier if someone can help as can be a bit difficult with a big bump!) and was extremely relieved that at my midwife check a fortnight later at 36 weeks the baby had turned to cephalic!! It had been making me a bit stressed during the imterim period so a huge weight seemed lifted and I could then continue to enjoy the last part of my pregnancy and look forward to meeting my baby.

Thanks Angelo, I would recommend you to other ladies in the same predicament as it seemed to do the trick without any distress at all, not to mention giving me some precious time out from my busy home life! Thanks very much!!"

Nicola, Wilmington

"I visited Angelo when I started my 2nd IVF cycle. His knowledge about IVF treatment and women's feelings were excellent. The acupuncture that Angelo provided helped me get through this emotional time as it calmed my body and mind. Week after week I felt better and better and finally my dream came true - I am now in my 15th week of pregnancy."
S Bexley

"I thought I would let you know my baby has arrived. I had mild contractions on the way home from my appointment with you on Thursday at 4.30pm and by 11.30pm that night he was born! I didn't think acupuncture could work that quickly?!"
Trudy, Bromley

"I started seeing Angelo when, after a period of time trying to conceive naturally, I realised intervention was needed and decided to go down the traditional and modern route in my bid to conceive. Angelo was very accepting of this (he is not blinkered by believing acupuncture is the only way to treat a person) and is very experienced with ladies in my situation. I then saw him on a weekly basis for the months leading up to IVF when it was confirmed that is what I needed. Despite almost fainting at my first appointment (I mean, having needles stuck in you however painless the process is is not a natural state with most!) I went back every week and loved the appointments. I felt I really benefited from them as my body was prepared for the treatment to come and I was mentally prepared. In addition he also offered advice on diet and lifestyle with improvements which would maximise the success of any treatment."

"As well as weekly appointments, on the day before embryo transfer I had a session and the evening of embryo transfer too. 2 weeks later I found out I was pregnant. 2 weeks after that I found out I was expecting twins! It was actually Angelo who first suspected the IVF had worked and I was indeed pregnant through a change in my pulse. He noted it had become much stronger and that sign turned out to be correct!

Angelo really is terrific, he takes a real interest in the treatment of the patient as a whole- he treats not just physical symptoms but almost without you realising he treats you mentally as well and I’d thoroughly recommend him as a practitioner and person."

E, London

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